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Strawberry & Mint. (Freebies).

I already had the very wearable strawberry basket in my invent. Comes with a good arm pose and as you walk you keep the pose. There is another wearable version for wearing on your head if you want to look a bit quirky…I’ll keep to the arm pose. As a decor item, it says it’s only 2 prims.

The basket is an old gift but the lovely mint loose sweater is a new gift as well as the LM. This comes from the PPS shop, which stands for “Paint the Sky with Stars” and I think that’s a lovely name.

This is a bit of a Kawaii shop with some interesting and unique style of dresses so make sure to check them out once you’ve grabbed the freebies. These are to be found on the wall next to the desk and you buy for “0” Lds.

PPS. (Paint the Sky with Stars).