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Just in case you’ve missed it. (List of, nearly, all of the Black Friday Sales & a Dollarbie).

Blimey, the weather is wild outside so much so I couldn’t sleep and since I’m in the middle of completely redesigning my landscaping I did what every SL addict does and logged in instead of being tucked up in bed.

I thought Faith might have done a post about the BIG A** list of shops that are having a Black Friday sale which the Seraphin blog has done. Yes, that does include Mina Nakamura’s shop. A generous 50% off all her hairs, obviously I’m wearing an example of one of them, so this is the time to TP to Mina’s and pick up a hair or two.

The reason I have “nearly” in the title is that although they have done an outstanding job compiling all the shops I know for example the Fanatik shop isn’t on the list but does have a 30% discount on sales. So just in case you can’t see your fav shop on the list still pop over and check it out.

As for the sink? It’s the Dollarbie.

As I was relaying the excellent stone flooring although I know it’s not free I did remember that this shop did have some dollarbies and yes they’re still there and this sink is certainly new to me. I think I showed you the fountain in that old post. Amazing when you also consider this whole set-up is just 1prim! It’s the “Qutworld” link I’ve given.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim. (Black Friday List & LM’s)

QUTWORLD. (Marketplace).

5 thoughts on “Just in case you’ve missed it. (List of, nearly, all of the Black Friday Sales & a Dollarbie).”

    1. Wow, what a lot of work and much appreciated. Sadly though although I can see info on lines 1-22 the rest are blank. It maybe late for the actual sales but the one thing I did notice from other lists I’ve seen is shops I don’t recognise or shops I’ve not visited in a long time. So now the crazyness is over I’m planning on a lot of shop hopping. If I’m doing something wrong and thats why I can’t see the full list then I’d appreciate some help but the fact I can see part of it suggests I can but just not getting the full list.


      1. It sounds like you’re looking at only the first page of the spreadsheet (“Guide to Categories & Abbreviations”). That page simply contains instructions on how to interpret the rest of the spreadsheet. At the bottom of the page, there are three tabs. One of them is named “SALES.” The sales are on that page.

        You’ll notice that a bunch of the text on the SALES tab is grayed out—those are sales that have expired. Everything that’s in black text should still be going.


      2. Got it!!!! Phew, I’m such a noob. Wow again. Going to enjoy that. Obv a lot of big names with those not as well known to me so I’m hoping for some real nice surprises. Thanks so much.


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