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Good Luck. (Free and Cheap Shop Credit & Gifts).

I’ve had to take a break from landscaping my new island because I’m fiddling with it too much and messing up.

Blueberry has a 300Ld shop credit (20Ld joining fee) for us lucky people and yes the shop is HEAVING! As well as the sim next door which is why I’m really pleased that the credits are in the group notices. You have, I think, 2 weeks to spend them but if you want to hit their Black Friday sale then I wish you luck.

I then TP over to the “Hot Stuff” shop to grab their free shop credit. TBH It wasn’t the shop I thought it was going to be but that didn’t stop me grabbing the credit and spending it on a simple strappy top.

The “Pink vendors” are simply the pictures where the frame is pink and there are a lot of pink framed pictures as well as other group gifts and lucky boards.

Blueberry. (Inworld).

Hot Stuff.