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Neve’s Solutions to The Windchill <3

Neve @ IBTC Nov 2021

Yessss its time to get cosy, temp is wayyy down this week and I’m all about layering ! At the latest round of IBTC Neve have gone alllll out for the layered look – brilliant for me. A jacket “Salutations”, a tee “Girlfriend” and some really neato pants “Boyfriend”.

Neve - Boyfriend Pant - IBTC

First up lets talk about those pants – gawd I love them!! via the Hud you can wear them with the cutesy Logos (several choices of logo) or without. The four packs have something for everyone. Love the rolled hem.

Neve - Girlfriend Top - IBTC

The girlfriend top really is a wardrobe staple, fling it on with anything! Fits perfectly under the Salutations shirt obviously. Four packs, four colours in each pack. I’ll be rocking the Logo pack later today .

Neve - Salutations Jacket - IBTC

You will have to pry this shirt from my cold dead hands – seriously ! Lovely to layer over tee’s (its designed to go with the girlfriend & also the Shanti tops) Four stunning packs of colours and patterns – as always – Im loving the plaids ! Thanks Neve team ❤