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Calling all Magpies. (Freebie, Bargains & Lots of Temptation).

It’s now my regular routine as I’m slurping my second cup of coffee to check the weekend sales that Faith regularly posts on and I will say this weekend I have a shopping list as there are some tempting quality bargains to be had.

It is also how I ended up at the Fantasy Illumination/Fantasy China shop. Here is the subscriber’s gift which I will say is OK. A simple balloon with twinkly string, low prim etc and yeah you can see I’m not overly excited by it.

What has got me excited is all of the super pretty twinkly decor items, both for the garden and home for sale in this shop.

Although there is a whole area of special offers such as 35Ld Sunday Sale, 30Ld Sat Sale, Energy Weekend Sale etc I just had to check out the whole shop as I am a bit like a Magpie in that I love sparkly things and this shop is full of sparkly things.

I did manage to reign myself in as I’m not planning on changing the sim to a wintery look till the start of December and although the decor in this shop isn’t just for winter/Christmas etc I can see a few of the decor items places in and around my home as a feature when I do change from Autumn to Winter so I will be picking up one of the weekend offers, the Sunday one which isn’t set for sale yet, and then I will when our sim has been coated in snow return for some feature sparkles.

As for the gift, it’s a subscribers gift and you will find it under the curved staircase.

PS. I think this is part of the Fantasy China shop.

Fantasy Illuminations.