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A lovely waste of time. (Freebie(s)).

I spent way too much trying to get a good picture of this dress using one of my backdrops only to find when I went over to the Catarsis shop to grab the LM that outside is an even better backdrop so I binned all of them and one snap later here I am outside of the Catarsis shop showing you one of the group gifts.

This is the Goddess dress and you get a hud of 9 bold metallic sheen colours. You used to have to pay a lot of money to get quality metallic clothing so I always get a thrill when I find quality free sheen lol.

If you think this blue is good just wait till you try the pink or red!

I even went to the bother of putting on matching make-up, those dramatic nails and if you look closely I’m wearing the kinky high hair from Mina’s.

I did pick this up off the Catarsis Marketplace shop for 1Ld so I’m glad I checked inworld as it’s not only a freebie but there are other gifts for us as well. I already have the neon wings/halo & horn/bat wings but not the bags even though I had seen them blogged I never got around to getting them at the time.