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Get your freak on!(Dollarbie?).

I had to rebuy this outfit just to check to see if it was free or a dollarbie…it’s a dollarbie.

This outfit is on the “Believe” shop stall at the Hashtag event which is called I believe “Up Freak Show”. It’s a regular event where on a lot of the stands is a free or cheap gift for us and this outfit is from the Believe stall.

A very classic dress which came with big earrings and a necklace which looked classy enough to go with an evening look. The globe is also inc and it spits out those bright sparkles however it was the hat I was most interested in and I was very pleased with it.

The event does seems to be smaller than usual which maybe because of all the other events going on at the moment so it won’t take you long to check it out and since its in the middle of a packed shopping area there will be plenty of shops to visit.

“Up Freak Show” Hashtag Event.