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You snooze you lose!(Blueberry 20Ld for 500Ld, go NOW!).

Noooo! I’ve just checked the dates and the 500Ld gift card/sale is only a 3 day event and today is the last day. So fight the lag and haul AV ass as for only 20Lds thats a heck of a lot of free credit for so little investment.

PS. If you’re wondering about the picture the skirt is an old Blueberry Gift and the top is a recent purchase from Blueberry.

Now that I’ve clicked “Publish” and failed trying to get into the Blueberry shop I’m going to tell you about the books. They come from Tentacio and sorry they’re a Lucky Board win. Normally I only blog Lucky Boards when there are so many you won’t have to wait long to win a prize or as in this case the prizes are very interesting. Only 4 boards but worth loitering for.