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Just an example. (25Ld Group Gifts(sssss)).

A while back, if I’m remembering correctly, one of our readers gave the heads up about the pile of now retired Gacha prize boxes at the UNA shop. I did do a post and now enough time has passed for me to revist and see if there is anything new.

I can’t remember showing you this dress out of the Draculina gacha box and I’m sure I would have if I’d seen it or I did blog it and I’ve forgotten.

It won’t suprise you that this dress with a big hud is the rare, the rest of the contents are very spooky themed from the skeleton legs/arms I’m wearing to an oversized unbrella.

There are just too many gifts in the UNA shop to be able to describe them all. The boxes of gacha gifts are full fatpacks as well as a wall of clothes and accessories for just the 25Ld group fee so a great bargain. A lot of them have been there for a long time and some a newer and I’m sure I saw a couple of new items. Also in one of the lucky boards there is a prize I’d like to win.

OH! I forgot that from what I did unpack that the gacha gifts are still non-copy and trans so you can pass on anything you don’t want which I think is such a nice thing for Una Daxter to do.

Also when I manage to get back inworld I will be checking out the rest of the shops on this sim as they’re pretty big well known shops and I’ve not mooched around them for a long time.