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Help Meee !

Simone 2

Whilst out shopping I ran into this lovely chap and we got chatting. He has been out of Second Life for seven long years and wanted to revamp his look ! Soooo – betcha know what I’m going to say right? Yep – I said no worries lets do it !!

I’ve started by looking at mesh bodies – gosh men don’t really have a lot of choice do they? I tried the free Altamura which I wasn’t keen on, then the dollarbie Legacy body which is really quite cool. Id love to get a Catwa head – I’ve been playing around with the Daniel static head (you can buy add ons) which I really love BUT – I just cant seem to get the neck seam right as there isn’t a fit for the Legacy body arggggh! I need to find a good body & head combo.

Suggestions please?

Ill be looking at EVERYTHING, clothes, eyes, shoes, sneakers, skins, heads & bodies.

Thank youuuu & much love ! xxx

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    1. Thanks Frank ! I haven’t yet tried either of those. Can you still get a lot of clothing for the slink bodies? I did notice that there is a low price slink body but it doesnt come with feet or hands, you have to buy the next model up for those? I’m useless at BOM so I’m guessing Ill be watching a lot of youtube tutorials lol


      1. Slink does come with hands and feet. The newest version they’re part of the body, but the body purchase also includes a separate hands and feet package for use with system bodies (if you wanted to go that route for some reason.)

        While there are fewer designers for Slink than for other brands, I have no trouble finding clothes. Slink’s website has a list of clothing designers here:

        I used the Onupup body for over a year – there aren’t many designers for it, but they do exist.

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      2. Oh that slink list is so helpful thank you šŸ™‚ I suppose really with so many mesh body fits you could possibly wear slink with other mesh body fits using the alpha on the Hud?


      3. Yes, you likely could wear clothing designed for other bodies and alpha out the parts that clip, but I haven’t really tried with anything besides the older generic (S/M/L/XL type) fits.


      4. Thanks ! I did go with the Slink body & Head in the end – I’ve got one issue though, the hands have a gap where they reach the arm? I just cant seem to get rid of it ! I need to find a good skin now with slink appliers – any ideas or suggestions? As you said, I’ve found a ton of SLink clothing! I bought hair from Exile & a new-to-me store Wings?


      1. Yeah, it’s really good for a freebie. If you need help converting it to BoM, feel free to IM me in-world (paragonfanfare Resident) and I’d be happy to help.


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