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Role Play This.(Freebie).

If like me you didn’t read the note then it’s a waste of time to go to the Belle Epoque shop for this gift because it’s not there its at the Ducado Di Aliaga/group RP sim and it’s totally free.

I don’t know the exact details but it looks like the …group has wangled this Belle Epoque gift for their role players and probably to try to encourage others to join in with role playing.

So when I went back to LM grab I grabbed the note which also comes in Spanish.


⚜ Roleplay based on the Kingdom of Aragon during the reign of Carlos IV – 1788 to 1808.

⚜ HISTORY: During the Reign of Carlos IV of Borbon there were many difficult circumstances: In 1793, the French Revolution created several situations in Spain and in 1808 happened the Tumult of Aranjuez, which led to the King’s exile, and later, to the War of Spanish Independence against Napoleon.

⚜ ROLEPLAY: It is about making a RP with different characters both in the city of the Kingdom of Aragon and in the Palace of the Dukes of Aliaga or in the Royal Court of Spain.

⚜ THE SIMS OF ANTIQUITY 18th: The Duchy of Aliaga is located in Antiquity States, a continent of 17 sims where several cities, palaces and European and American kingdoms of the 18th century are located, all of them connected to each other by sea, roads and tunnels .

  • We organize visits and trips to other cities, palaces and kingdoms for events such as: Meetings, dances, games, fencing contests, hunts, trips to other countries, etc; between the 17 sims of Antiquity and kingdoms, in addition to life in the city of the Kingdom of Aragon and the Palace of Aliaga.
  • The Palace of the King and Queen of Spain is located in Madrid and we also attend meetings and events there, but for that you must be part of the aristocracy, nobility or member of the Royal Family.

Amusement is assured!

I love that very last sentence of “Amusement is assured” lol. As a lover of European history especially of the royal houses this is very much my “cup of tea”.

The rest of the note is the usual list of RP characters you can choose to play.

Ducado De Aliaga