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It’s a secret. (Freebie).

The Freebie is the bag.

I have a tendency to avoid big events, at least until they’re quiet and the “Big Girl” event is definately quiet now which is why I was able to saunter through it and score this “hidden” gift.

Exc quality, plenty of fits and a 12 colour hud.

This is on the Havoc stand and there is nothing to indicate that this waist bag is an actual gift as it’s not in a gift box. There isn’t even a sign to say it’s a gift I just did a random price check and voila!

I think the LM will take you to the Havoc stand and if not then you will be stood between the Big Girl event and the American Bazaar shop. When you go into the event, veer right and the Havoc stall is next to the large lady statue. It’s the small picture of the bag you click on.

Havoc@Big Girl Event.