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If you ever. (Freebie(ss)).

The freebie is the harness.

Yay my mondays work plan/RL have gone down the drain which means I can SL for a bit longer than I normally would. So following on from last post my first visit was to the main Havoc shop where I scored yet again.

Can you tell what my fav colour is? If orange isn’t yours then don’t worry as yet again this harness/belt bag comes with 12 excellent colours.

There are more Havoc group gifts just on the wall inside the shopand they are mainly accessories such as a bag, belt…I may actually pick that belt up as well.

Do NOT go inside the shop before you’ve checked out the stands just outside the main doors as they have some special offers on such as the “Assassain” outfit for only 75Ls.

I’m also going to go pose shopping then return to the sim this shop is on as it’s sharing the same shopping mall as some other big shops and I lucky streak may still hold.

As for the title, as always if it’s not free or not free anymore then I don’t mention what I’m wearing however if you want to know about anything you see then just drop me a NOTE asking. I don’t mind at all.