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Turns out it’s an UBER! (New Mina Hair).

Here is the new Mina hair again as I’ve been using in my past posts so if you want to see a couple of the other shades check those out.

This hair is called “Woensdag” and the minute I saw the colour combo that Mina used I took a guess that woensdag’s trasnlation is wednesday and then I googled it and I was right.

Although you can pick from the 3 colour packs which are “Natural, Ombre or Highlights” and each pack comes with the addition of a “Colour Strand”. The hair option I’m using in this picture is natural with a pink strand.

Uber is gonna be heaving so don’t bother and yes as always check out Mina’s mainshop for the demo and while you’re there you can also check out the NEW group gift. I don’t actually have that hair which was as much a suprise to me as it will be to you.

The Mina group costs only 200Lds and you get not just I think a new gift every 2-3 months (maybe) in the room behind the wall with the new gift are 14 womens & 4 male hairs & 2 lucky chairs. If you’re after something bloody for the upcoming Halloween season then the group gifts do inc I think it’s 2 bloody hairs. Also check out the new “Miepan” (I’m guessing the name). That has a zombie/bloody hair for just 75Lds.

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