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I changed my mind. (Freebie(ss).

Super quick post as it’s been a long day and it’s time to log off.

Aurica has some nice group gifts for us and the top I’m wearing is one of them (the shorts & Dango aren’t freebies). It does also come with a hud.

The Aurica group gifts are on the wall to the left inside the shop BUT this top is for a different free group and it’s on the wall near to the desk.

PS. I suspect the LM is set to take you to the middle of the shopping sim, don’t worry as it’s not a big shopping sim also the other shops look good to check out as well.

Sleepless update. It’s just past 6am and I’m chugging a big mug of coffee because I have an itchy throat and it occured to me that sometimes the titles to my posts can be totally random so let me explain this one…I was going to show you the dress, I even did a picture and then “I changed my mind” and forgot to change the title lol.