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Beautiful or Ugly. (Bargain & Stunning Make Up).

A random TP took me to the Mik1karu shop and I was hooked! First is the “Bargain” as everything else I’m showing you does come with a price tag.

I’ve literally just realised that even though this is a make up look for Catwa the spider legs may still have fitted my face as they are 3D and I could just wear a dark eyeshadow. For only 10Lds I might just buy it. BTW this special offer is downstairs as there is the same one upstairs at full price of 99Lds so make sure you get the right one.

Now look away if you don’t want to be seriously tempted as these next ones do come with a price tag,

WOW, just WOW.

Another set of WOWS!

This shop is PACKED with some amazing and imaginative designs, it was hard to not snap away and take dozens of pictures as I walked from room to room/floor to floor. Now I have a problem as there are no demo’s and for me no demo=no sale. I’ve learned from the past that no matter how lovely it looks or how big the brand is, it’s just not worth the risk so try it before you buy it is what I always say.

BTW The shop is mainly Catwa but I did spot some Laq and there is a marketplace shop with Lelutka make-ups so I’ve put the link for that.

SPECIAL MENTION, as there are some absolutely sickening bloody make up effects upstairs, broken teeth, bloody noses, scalped head, slashed mouths and I also spotted a few of these for men, perfect for Halloween/RP or just creeping people out.


Mik1Karu. (Marketplace shop/Lelutka).

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  1. Love the spider makeup ! Just be aware that a lot of the makeup towards the front of the store is for Catwa HD only, so unless you have the new Catwa HD head they wont work. If walk towards the rear of the store you will find makeup for the older Catwa head (like I have)

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