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Is it me? (Freebie(s)).

This outfit has annoyed me.

Why? because it’s so dark you cannot make out the details of it and that is a big shame. The designer has gone to so much effort to sourcing a quality template and texturing and the picture they use shows it off lovely but sadly it’s just a bit too dark and that hides all of the work put into it.

Mind you this very black matt look, with a bit of sheer lacing on the breasts may just be what some people are after and the addition of stockings is a bonus.

This is the new one from MAAI and I have shown you at least one of the other gifts, there is one which also looks newish to me. They too are sexy, cinched in wasitline outfits.

I did think abut showing you another new one which is for the TeleportHud Group (10lds) and that is a cute short and top pj set but it’s not often I do “sexy” so I thought I’d show you this one and you can check the other gifts out.

PS. I know the backdrop is dark but thats not had a big effect on the darkness of the outfit in SL.