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It’s paid off.(Freebie & Mention of Bargain).

Finally my regular visit to S@bbia has paid off with a brand new group gift of these boots.

Perfecly seasonal and although I’m not a snake skin/animal print she is forgiven as yet again an excellent gift.

I will say that there is another new(ish) group gift of a dress which I haven’t blogged so thats another reason to head on over.

Then since I already had the SL marketplace shop open on my computer I decided to see if Jury Gothly puts any old gifts/freebies in there…she doesn’t but what she does have is for only 35Lds a pair of “suede booties”. They do only come in SLink med & Classic Av fit so pretty old however you can try the demo on. Even if the fits are old I think the quality will be as good now as then but check out the 5 colour palette, all autumnal. You don’t even have to risk the 35Lds as you can try the demo out first.

Then check the rest of her boots/shoes/flatties for sale in her shop/marketplace. I know that her “handmade” look to her clothing isn’t to everyones style but her boots/shoes and flatties are classic and make the perfect finishing touch to most outfits. TBH I wear almost nothing but S@bbia boots/shoes or a pair of cat flats that Faith won in a gacha and she passed them on to me.


S@bbia. (Marketplace).