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Awkward. (Freebie).

This excellent top was a struggle for me to model because as hard as I tried I couldn’t find a pair of jeans, shorts or panties to wear with it. So in the end I’m using an awkward pose and the hint of pixelation as it’s really good and I’d hate for you to miss it because of my lack of undies lol.

It has a lovely pattern, tomato red, pert boobies, wrinkles and that sexy off the shoulder look which looks as good with your arms next to your body or stretched out.

This is in the Blink2Wink shop and is a “Mesh Body Friend” gift as well as a “Fab free” gift which is a sweater.

PS. The Blink2Wink shop shares the same shopping platform and I suspect the TP will take you inside the Starlight shop. If that happens run outside to the other end of the platform and the Blink2Wink is on your left….easy to find.