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Just like a bad smell, I’m still lingering lol.

As you can see from Faiths post she’s heading off to Hozzie and it’s not for a nice little “nip & tuck” but it is something that when it’s over she can start healing her way back to a healthy life so as much as we’re both dreading it, it will be lovely to see my BFF back to her old self.

Not starting the week off with a freebie but with a wet sexy wet look.

I hate repeating myself esp as I know we have such reg readers that you will have heard it all before so if that’s you then skip all of this bit and just check out the LM’s.

This hair is “Rachel” and she like all of the Mina “wet/dry” hairs is interactive. So this hair gets wet when you enter into SL water, you can then use the hud to set the drying time, the water droplets and because the wet look has proven to be so popular then all of Mina’s hairs now come with the permanently wet look.

Now here is where I should be showing you this hair in its dry form and I’ve lost the picture! I’ve looked in all my folders, media library, google photos and even my recycle bin and nope. So what I will do is wear Rachel in my next post, hopefully, teamed up with a freebie, so you can see the dry version which because it’s a new Mina comes with that finer hair strand and hair colour palettes.

If you do like a wet hair look then there are now I believe including this new one 5 “interactive wet hairs”. The demo for Rachel is in the reception area, where there is also a shower so you can do a full test of the hair. To find the other interactive hairs just look for the other shower as they’re next to that PLUS one of the hairs which is the first one Mina brought out has a lovely little extra in that you can if you want to use the hand held hair dryer to dry your hair.

This is only available at Uber, which has literally just started so I will assume it’s busy. I’m going to put the link, as usual, to Mina’s main shop, Uber and also the link to the Seraphim blog as they have a picture of everything for sale.

Mina’s mainshop.


Seraphim Blog. (Pictures).