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Skin me for a Dollarbie & Free. (Full Free Male AV Body & Skins).

This was the other heads up from Sparta and TBH this was most certainly a snatch and grab job for me as I’m still in my adorable piggy AV and my SL time is so limited today that I just don’t have the time to unpack and try on this very generous gift of both a full male AV’s, 1 Dollarbie each, and a pack of free skins.

The Signature shop has a very simple layout and so it’s easy to spot the 2 offers on the raised platform opposite each other. I’m pretty sure the writing on each picture of the AV’s says that they’re BOM and Omega ready plus these bodies are updated so easier to fit clothing etc.

To get these free skins just join the L’Homme group.

I’ve updated this as I did manage to get back inworld and try out the body and it’s headless. So not so much a “full” AV as just a male body. I could be missing something about that but not too sure.