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A day for classics.(15Ld Ricielli Hunt & Group Gift REMINDER)

There are three shops I visit on a regular basis and so far two of them have not updated their group gifts or in this case their hunt prizes for a very long time.

We don’t know what is happening to people in their RL’s and of course, no shop owes us anything esp freebies/cheapies but I so long for the day when I pop back to Ricielli has updated their hunt/group gift as both of them are from Christmas and New Year. If you’ve not seen them yet you’re in for a real treat as each prize is only 15Lds and you get to chose from a whole load of quality items from top, skirts, shoes, dresses etc. Pay attention to the fits, there is a colour code to show you what fits each item comes in and basically it’s the main body meshes.

However, there is an almost secret department of old hunt prizes which I think a lot people will miss as although there is a sign labelled “Sales, shoes, old hunts and Gacha’s” it’s easy to miss.

To find these go in the direction the signpost is pointing to and you walk past the big dark grey build then behind is the same big building but with a dark bottom and pale top and in there is where you will find the old hunt prizes just dumped on the floor. Still 15Lds each and although some are getting old such as this jacket as it only comes in the standard mesh fits I find that they’re all still top quality and there are many of the more recent hunts so you’re getting lots of fit options.

As for the freebie, I forgot to check but I’m still sure that the Ricielli group is still free and although the group gift is from Christmas it’s a classy dress for any time/occasion.