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Home Sweet Home. (Freebie(ss) & Reminder).

Not only do I love the colour of this t-shirt I actually really like the “meowtallicat” picture on the front and I normally don’t care for slogans or images on my clothing. I must be getting soft about them though as it wasn’t too long ago when I blogged some other t-shirts with imagery on the front.

This is super shop quality, ie plenty of wrinkles/folds and although you get it from the Amataria shop it is a Mesh Body Friends” gift. It comes with matching panties and I can’t show you them as they didn’t come in either SLink fits.

There is another gift this time for the SL F&O group of a strapless bodycon dress.

I almost missed them as they’re on the wall to your right as you go into the shop. When I saw this I grabbed and ran so when I return I will be checking the shop out fully.

As for the reminder, it’s that the 50% sale at HISA is over today so if you had you’re eye out on a new home and there are now a small amount of landscaping then you need to go now and not put it off till tomorrow.

PS. The notice also said that there is a new building under construction and every HISA lover knows that they like to put out their latest and unfinished builds to let people see them being created until they’re ready for sale and I can’t wait to log back in, grab the LM for the Amataria shop, check it out and then finish off my SLing time with a trip to HISA.

UPDATE. Not only is the Amataria group free there are some excellent group gift, some I know I’ve shown you and some I know I can’t show you as not my fit. These gifts are to be found on the wall with the door leading to the right side of the shop. PLUS check out their Marketplace shop. Agai

Amataria. & Evolve.

Amataria Marketplace.