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It’s, not, getting old! (10Ld TeleportHub Gift & Mention of Freebie(ss)).

This is a reblog which I forgot I’d already blogged it as always it was such a long time ago I’m happy to dust it off and alpha my AV behind out of the picture.

Oh my Lord I remember when this style of super cinched in corsettes were first created it made my RL heart flutter.

This is for the Maitreya Lara shape only. The panties can be worn seperately. As this is a TeleportHub gift that group costs 10Lds to join.

There are other free gifts in the MAAI shop right at the LM, a very good black leather dress, some stockings, nail/toe varnish etc nice stuff so check them out even if this corsette isn’t a good fit for you.


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Finishing the weekend with a BANG – Promo

ArisAris PROMO $99L Aquarelle

Sweet offer from ArisAris, this is the “Aquarelle” summer dress. It come with a Hud giving ten patterns and colours. Fits include:

1 For M.B Legacy
1 For Maitreya Lara
1 For Tonic Fine
1 For Slink Original
1 For Slink Hourglass
1 For eBODY Curvy
1 For Belleza Freya
1 For INITHIUM Kupra Bimbo

ArisAris PROMO Hud

As you can see this pretty frock will lend itself from daytime to evening easily ! I just cant decide which version to wear ❤ This promotion will end and the item will return to $249L.


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Don’t get too excited. (Freebie(s)).

The reason for the title of this post is that this gift and the other group gift come in just, I think, a Maitreya Petite fit. I suspect most of us have the standard mesh bodies but may have a Petite shape tucked away in their invent or know someone who will be really grateful of such a lovely gift.

This little bra/short set has a sift crumpled cotton look to it and also comes with a hud to change the opacity so you can make it as cheeky as you want. The other gift set is a pink bandeau top and has a very form fitting pair of shorts which is why I’m not modelling them lol.

The Petite Pastels shop does seem to sell only for these specific body shapes, don’t let that stop you from popping in and trying these out for yourself. I know that on my SLink and Legacy Perky they werent’ wearable but who knows you might strike lucky.

Petite Pastels.

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Showing off/Last Post/Last Visit. (Cheapie & Freebie).

I returned to the Hair Fair to make my donation and then got suckered into spending more Lindens and I have no regrets.

One of the stalls, I say stalls but they are mini shops, has a sign board outside of it which says “Bandana Booth” and yes it has nothing but banada’s for men and women although as you can see from the one I’m wearing some are more like fashion hats. Each item has been created by different shops/designers and all proceeds go towards the “Wigs for kids” charity.

Each bandana/cap/headscarf is only 50Lds so I bought this and another one. I won’t be keeping the other one which although is lovely I just know I won’t wear it and since they’re non-copy/trans it means I can pass it on.

This one is most certainly a keeper for me. It does have a hint of “Rosie the riviter” look to it. That oversized bow and how it sits neatly on my head is so good and it means I don’t have to faff with getting it to fit over my hair.

Oddly enough this is the donation from a shop I know extremely well as Alaskametro sells the only make up I actually spend Lindens on. So just like 95% of the time I’m wearing a Mina hair I’m also 95% of the time wearing Alaskametro makeup. I just think no matter if you’re wearing one of their gothic looks or a natural pastel the shading is very realistic and smoothly blended and the fit on my AV is perfect. I will put the link to the Alaskametro shop here. The group does cost, sorry I can’t remember how much, but of course like most make up shops each demo you pick up comes with a wearable shade.

This dress is also a freebie and yes it’s also a reblog. As I was hunting out something to go with this cap I came across this dress and a quick TP showed it is still out as a group gift in the (U.F.O) shop. The editing in this picture has changed the shade somewhat as it’s a lovely pale mint. If mint isn’t to your taste then there is a darker red version. This is one of those gifts you hope stay out for a long time as the quality is excellent and even though the fit is just I think a Maitreya it’s pretty forgiving for most AVs.

Bandana Booth@The Hair Fair.


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OH! It’s Free! (Freebie/Timely reminder).

As I mentioned in a recent post the only hairs I buy are ones that have something special about them or are of a style that Mina hasn’t as yet created which is why I returned to the Hair Fair sale to buy this curler hair.

I’d seen this hair in the gallery, link at the bottom of the post, and I just assumed this came with a price tag so imagine how happy I was that this is in fact the gift from a shop called “One Creations/Hair Studio One”. That name doesn’t strike a bell to me so it’s on my “to do” list for today which also inc eating cinammon bagels, tons of coffee and netflixing(sic).

If you’ve been putting off going to the Hair Fair Event then go now as it lovely and quiet so easy to natigate your way around. You can join the demo group and grab the demo’s of the hair for sale to try on at home however since a lot of the stalls have gifts out for us you really can take your time wandering around and trying on the demos there.

I won’t give you, or I may not be able to give you, the direct LM to the One Creations/Hair Studio One stall as this is a charity fund raising event and as you’re looking for this particular gift you may be tempted by hairs and you will see that a lot if not all of the shops are donating part or even all of the money from a sale to the very deserving “Wigs for kids” charity. Since I was willing to buy this hair when I log in I will return and make a donation as a thank you.

The Hair Fair Gallery.

The Hair Fair.

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The small print. (Freebie(sss)).

Lots of writing and just one little piccie.

Basically a, paid for, group I’m in sent out a notice about a free for all gift at their new location. It looks like it, Loki, and some other well known shops are relocating to a new shopping sim(?) and to tempt us there are free for all gifts.

Now pay attention as I wouldn’t like you to miss a gift. The LM I’m giving you should take you to the middle of the shopping sim, which is simply laid out as a central paved area with the shops around the edge. You should find yourself near to a pink dance floor. Turn right and run to the end and there are 2 tables with gifts on and then turn left and run to the end where you will find another 2 tables with gifts. Honestly once you get there you will see what I mean and since there are a couple of really good gifts I’d hate you to miss them.

I don’t have time to check out all the shops at the moment but I will return. I did spot that the Dreamcatcher shop is there and although so far the shop isn’t well stocked they do have the old hunt items out that you can now buy for just 25Lds, I remember blogging some of them. Then on the other wall in the shop I spotted this FREE gift box of old group gifts.

I have peeked inside and although most are tattoo’s and poses I did see some clothing which I tried on and nope not for me but damn that gold bathing suit(?) is very good and there is a top which again I would have loved to show you……anyhow between the small handful of clothing, poses, tattoo’s, wearables and of course the gifts pick up off the tables at the LM there is a lot of things for us to pick through….and I LOVE doing that

Veles Shopping Center.

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Cheeky Girl @ Uber

Neve NEW @ Uber June 2021 2

Love the new releases @ Uber from Neve ! This is the “Cheeky” shorts and the “Gall” top available as seperates in packs of four varying colours & patterns.

Neve - Gall Top - All Colors

The Gall top comes in heaps of summery colours, ditzy patterns and plaids. Perfect to go with any of your summer skirts, jeans and shorts.

Neve new @ Uber June 2021 1

Adore the floral embroidery on this option , the frayed cotton strands on the cuffs can be turned off via the Hud and there are lots of metal colours for the button.

Neve - Cheeky Short - All Colors

Fits for Maitreya & Maitreya petite, Legacy & Legacy perky – thanks Neve Team ❤


Uber Cam Sim 1

Uber Cam Sim 2