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It’s either wine or cake. (Freebie ‘n’ Spendy).

Thankfully with so many things going on in SL for people to check out and of course what Faith has done posts on it’s meant I’ve been able to step away SL and sort out RL stuff because….

Thankfully there is not a lot in life that we can’t handle, deal with, sort out etc when we pull up our big girl knickers which is exactly what I’ve done and as of tomorrow I get back to a RL normal and a SL normal of hunting down all the goodies for myself and of course you lot.

I did manage to squeeze into the Hair Fair yesterday to treat myself to a couple of the Argrace “windy hairs” and this curler one from the Vanity stall. I think I paid about 280Lds for it.

I think Faith has already done a post on the Hair Fair so you will probably know a lot of the stalls also have gifts for us. I’ve put the link to the Hair Fair blog as it’s so much easier to see whats for sale but of course you can’t see what the freebies are so you will just have to visit and of course remember a lot of the sales have a certain percentage donated to I think it’s “wigs for kids”?

Since the hair isn’t free it means the freebie is this dress.

A new gift from “Just Because”. A nice big hud of some really nice shades and bold floral patterns.

To find this as you go inside the shop they’re on the wall to your right. There are other free group gifts which have been blogged many times but if you’ve not got them previously then you’re in for a treat.

I’m taking the rest of the today off both SL and RL and I’m going to hide in my garden not with a bottle of wine as I don’t drink but I will have a slab of cake because damnit I’ve earned it lol.

Just Because.

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