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OH NO! (Freebie(sss)).

Osima is 4 years old and I believe there is a 50% sale going on…please check though.

This skirt is being used in the poster advertising it’s Birthday and to find it you have to look on the shelf with the other free group gifts…just follow the sign on the floor.

The skirt is another “classic” design so I’m not sure if I’ve blogged it or something very similar. Classic skirts like this are always a good find and with the addition of 28 excellent colours/patterns very handy indeed. Sadly the newer top that is being used in the birthday advert isn’t a group gift so I snagged this one from the shelf above and it too has a nice sized hud.

I know I’ve blogged the top and a couple of the other gifts out before.

As for the background, I’m using it as an excuse to get you over to Vita’s Boudoir.

A lot of you may recognise this shop and for those who don’t you’re in for a treat. Precious Restless is a designer both in RL and SL and her unique take on everything from clothing to full builds stand out for quality and uniqueness. As you can see that pouf is a gift for us.

I am assuming the LM will take you near to where this is but since the whole of the shop is spread over quite an area it will make it much easier to find it by taking this picture of it in the shop.

PS. The “OH NO” is I hate the lipstick I’m wearing but it’s too late to change it.


Vitas Boudoir