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You don’t need me.(Freebies).

Wow there are so many events going on and so many generous gifts/discounts/sales etc. I must admit I’m biding my time before I hit them and I’m just going do a bit of old LM hopping to see what I can find I found these two items at the Yalin shop.

This is a “classic” SL design, stapless top, mini skirt and that sheer overskirt which normally I wouldn’t blog as I think most of us will have had this design but the colour, fit and the flow of the sheer skirt are actually really good and so I’m more than happy to model it for you.

I took a close up of this dress so you can just about make out the fine polka dot but it’s that seam line which is just a great little addition to dress.

They came from Ya….there were a couple of older gifts and I suspect that not everything rezzed for me as my computer is stroppy today. You will find them all upstairs on the wall.