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My treat. (I got spendy@Redeux).

Redeux is open and even though I know that now there aren’t any freebies I still went as it’s a great way to pick up a discount/promo/special offer and of course those damned Gacha’s!

This skirt is what I treated myself to. It’s off the SK (Sweet Kajira) stall and the moment I saw it I knew I was going to buy it but I still tried the demo out as I knew it only comes in a Lara/Legacy fit and I’m happy enough with the legacy fit.

There is a matching blouse/jacket which is a separate purchase and although I did really like the blouse, the jacket is another layer, I wasn’t as keen on it as the skirt so I’ve just popped on a random top to cover my boobies up.

You only get 2 colour options at this sale price fortunately for me this peachy/orangy ombre shade is just my cup of tea.

Many of you will recognise that I’m on the Yorkshire sim. If you’ve not visited it before then it’s time you went. If any of you would like to take nice pictures but don’t feel you have the skill, confidence or photo editing skills then this sim does all the work for you. Its windlight setting is perfect for showing off your AV and outfit meaning all you have to do is pull a pose a click away.y