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Waiting to glow. (Bargain shopping).

I’m waiting for the sun to hit my garden and then I’m off out to lounge like a lady of leasure. Till then I’m going to do a post, clean the cat litter tray, wash some dishes, sort out some paperwork then stand staring out the window pondering on the meaning of life and if I should put some nail polish on my toes.

So here is my post. As I was rummaging in my invent I came across this plant that I’d totally forgot about and it also gives me a great excuse to remind people about the Bazar shop.

I remembered this was super cheap so I automatically headed to the “outlet” department where I spotted some excellent discounts, fatpacks of furniture from 65Lds, individual items from 10Ld. A lot of tempting stuff but I didn’t spot this plant until I entered the “full priced” section of the shop.

Even in the full priced section of the shop there are many bargains to be found inc this plant which costs only 25Lds and even more importantly for some it’s just 1 prim and for the size and quality of texturing is stunning.

PS. The meaning of life is 42 and yes I will paint my toenails as it’s sandal wearing temperature.