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My ride is here. (10Ld Bike).

My last post was the gift from 777 Motors in celebration of Pride Month and I try to remember to check out their marketplace shop just in case there are other gifts etc and thats where I found this “Sandstorm, Apocalyptic Desert Tourer” for just 10Lds.

Pretty well detailed and yet only 15 prims which means you can park this bad boy in front of your home/garage without it eating up your prims.

The listing says that this was updated on the 19,6.2019. Looks like you get everything you’d expect in a much more expensive bike pack such as camera and driver hud. The one thing I was confused by was the 2 bikes as they were both identical and yet one is named “track” and then I took this picture.

Yup with this bike you leave track marks, which of course do fade as you travel.

Very ridable although it has helped that I went to one of the MANY “The Wastelands” sims to have a drive.

The Wastelands is/is not a roleplay sim. Basically you can play here but just keep a few rules in mind, ie NO weapons unless they’re the ones provided by the wastelands rp game, no nudity so keep yer floppies covered, no sex, clean your sh*t up, don’t bother others and on and on just the common decent rules you’d expect which will make not just others but your own SL lifes a bit nicer.

OH and you don’t even have to get dressed up in RP clothes as they’re well aware that people use the sims for photos/backdrops etc and honestly no one minds at all.

777 Motors Marketplace Shop.

The Wastelands Maps.