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Crash, bang, wallop. (Freebie).

Under me is a very nice and easy to drive scooter from 777 Motors or I should say easy for most to ride but as always I just kept on crashing…which can be fun.

It comes with a full interactive menu as well as a position changer which is good as the first time you hop on it you’re hovering over it. It does look as though you can’t save those editied positions but it’s easy and quick to do it each time you want to go for a ride.

You get 2 colours and they’re rezz not wearables.

I sorta know the 777 Motor shop even though I haven’t bought anything from there previously. I think it’s been a case over the years of seeing some quality vehicles for sale at events and admired them but since I have zero skill in riding/driving anything I’m not in the habit of buying these sort of things but you may be interested as I do know some love to sail and drive their way around SL.

PS. This is a free for all gift.

UPDATE: There is a big board nearby where you can join the group, check out the MP shop or join the rezz group which allows you to use the roads that wind around the sim the 777 Motor shop is on.

777 Motors.