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I’m such a bad girl. (Freebie(ss)).

The Versov shop has a total of 8 gifts out for us, 3 sneakers, 2 heels, 1 pair of sliders, 1 braclet and the ankle monitor I’m wearing.

These sneakers/trainers are new to me and just like the rest of the shoes you get a fatpack of not just colours but fits including M&F fits.

The Versov group is free to join since the gifts are such good quality I’d actually pay to join to get them so to get such shop quality trainers/shoes for free is always lovely and just to top it all, apart from the heeled shoes, you get M & F fits AND they’re all fatpacks!

You will find these on the front of the reception desk at the back of the shop. For once I’ve spent a little time wandering around the shop and spotted a pair of clog style shoe which I don’t need but I really want so I did price check it and yes group members do get a discount but I decided to log out and then when I return I will check the rest of the shops and the ones nearby as today I want to wander SL, check out old LM’s and of course S@bbia in the hopes to find something new to us all.