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Coffee break. (Freebie).

A lot of TPing here and there, a couple of Gacha prizes, a couple of okayish gifts and a couple of notes to sellers to let them know of a small issue, ie item not set for sale, and I’m done. My computer needs a break and I need a coffee so I will leave you with the newest Apple Fall group gift.

A lovely set of smelly candles, although you will have to use your imagination as to how they smell lol. You get I think 5 different fragrances and a closed and opened option. The little flame on the wick is so realistic and gives off a small soft glow. One click and you can turn it off. Each item is only 1prim.

When I return I will have a real good look around the Apple Fall shop inc the outdoor area and the discount area to see if there is any new hidden item set for 0Lds.

UPDATE: I did spot at least 1 new freebie hidden among the items for sale.

Apple Fall.