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UPDATE: To follow.(Freebie(ss)).

A quick(ish) post as it’s late and I’m starving. Cold Laundry is a new shop to me. I spotted some really interesting designs for sale and was suprised to see that the VIP Group is free and the gifts are excellent quality.

I will say I really did want to show you the tops more than this sporty outfit but I couldn’t for the usual reason.

Once I have FED MY FACE I will be logging back in and checking the Cold Laundry shop out a bit more, maybe try on a demo just in case the blouse I’m looking at will fit me, and then checking out the other shops on this platform.

PS. The “Update” is the shoes, they were freebies and they are excellent with a fat hud so I will als check out that shop to see if they’re still out for us.

UPDATE: You’re going to have to wait for the info on the sneakers as yes they are still FREE but I’m pretty sure there are some NEW gifts in the XXXX shop so thats my next post.

Cold Laundry.