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Goodies. (Freebie(sss)).

Careless, the shop not the action, has a lot of goodies out for us.

I remember showing you the glass beach baubles but nothing else from the wall of Group Gifts and I’m pretty sure I would have remembered them.

The gifts are all decor, everything from a full pink Chesterfield set, bed, table, chairs, plants etc. On the other wall are equally has good Lucky Boards and I did win a settee from there.

Not only is everything “shop quality” but some come in fatpacks of colours and you get a PG or Adult option.

This cushion pile is what I went for and you get a hud which allows you to change the pattern on each cushion and yes a PG or Adult version.

UPDATE: I must say now I’ve had time to hop on and try out the poses in both the settee and cushions I am most impressed with them. Obviously I’ve not tried the Adult ones but if the PG ones are anything to go by then I don’t think you will be disapointed.