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Weekend Sales!

Weekend Sales @ Ecru & My Bags

Well blow me down with a feather! Ecru have a dress in the Wanderlust Weekend Sale – this is Kody and comes in a few different colours. Sizes inc: Maitreya & petite, Legacy & Perky. At just $50L its a winner for me. I’m also holding one of the two bags I bought from MyBags by Mila – two colours out on offer for the EBento sale (I bought both colours!) just $75L each, they come with a hand pose, arm pose and no pose options.


Wanderlust Weekend Gallery

My Bags by Mila

Ebento Gallery

Blogging SL

Ecru The Free – and the not so free

Ecru gifts

Zan told me about some freebies at a store called Ecru – so I trotted off to fetch them. Above is the group gift fat pack swimsuit and the group gift fatpack bikini – verrrry nice and a fat pack is uber generous. ( One has mesh body fits, the other is a generic mesh s-m-L affair) The group is free to join.

Ecru Elvira style 3

Ecru is a high end kinda store, on trend yet also classic – some really unique pieces. I’m afraid I HAD to buy a couple of things ! An outfit has to be REALLY special for me to pay full price – yet here I was buying two pieces and not even flinching ! First is Elvira, a shorts and blouse combo. The blouse is quite sheer, the set comes in several colour variants, I just adored the rust skirt and plain cotton blouse though. KERCHING!

Ecru peony

Then I spotted this dress “peony” – I’ve managed to take a photo that doesn’t show how very sheer this is ! The fabric is so delicate, you’ll see what I mean if you go check it out – if Id had shown it sheer I wouldn’t have been able to show you the dress ! Several colours of this beauty to choose from.


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FREE to try and FREE to buy.(Freebie(ss)).

Finally a couple of freebies I think are blogworthy.

The top comes from the Ben’s Beauty & Boutique shop and there are other group gifts inc a brand new dres with what looks like a lovely satin almost metalic sheen to it, I was even tempted to pick up one of the pieces of jewelery and then decided against it as it wouldn’t match this top. This top comes with plenty of fits and a small hud of patterns.

I then needed some bottoms and after a quick rummage in my invent I found these previously blogged shorts from the Un!q shop. They’re still out for us as well as some other freebies for different groups.

PS The LM says “Stelzer” as thats the sign over the doorway but it is the Un!q shop.

Ben’s Beauty & Boutique.


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Not Free Friday.(NEW Mina Hair).

It’s finally time to introduce “Holly” which is the hair I’ve been wearing it constantly as it’s just so good! I’m wearing another one out of the “Highlight” pack because I’m loving that pack of colours for myself.

Mina has a lot of hairs with plaits or ponytails, long ones, short ones, youthful ones, classy ones even windy ones and then there is this one. As it’s a new hair it has that finer texture/colour to it.

In the Highlight and Ombre packs, you have a massive 84 options and the Essentials is 77. You also get the “colour picker” which is that slider that allows you to tweak the colour if you want to. You also get the option for the plait to hang either on the left or right side.

The best thing with Mina’s hair palettes is that you not only get such a big choice each of them are different. I’ve had hair fatpacks where the difference in say the brown shades are barely noticable but with Mina’s each hair colour was in the same shade range but different.

As for the price do come with a price tag to match the quality which is 399Lds for each pack or what makes for a much better price is the fatpack of the 3 colour palettes is 850Lds. This is pretty standard pricing now for quality hair and taking into account the amount you get in each pallete a fair price.

Since this is only for sale at Uber and I’m not even going to try to get in there so I will put in order the link for Mina’s main shop, the Seraphim blog and then the link to Uber.

As always check out the demo in nice lag-free calm and then check out the rest of Mina’s plaited/pony tail range before you make your mind up. Until that wig is on yer noggin you don’t know what will look great and what doesn’t and she has many for you to try out.

I have to add this picture, you may have seen it from a few posts ago or you may not but it just shows off the beautiful blending which has gone into this hair.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim Blog.


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Free gift & Inexpensive

bbqq free gift 1Li

After heading to the Kowloon chair competition that Zan blogged about below – I checked out a few of the makers of the chairs stores. Totally chuffed with my lucky board win at bbqq – this moon cake and tea on a tray is just 1Li. You need to join the group to win and the group is free.

bbqq star lamps 1Li $25L

While I waited for my initial to come up on the boards (it didn’t take long!) I had a look at the store and found these super cute lamps, all one piece including the flex and plug – $25L and just 1Li for the whole thing! They light up and off by touch – they are going in my new SL home for sure.


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Interesting potential! (Freebie).

Blimey I only wandered around Kowloon for about 15 mins when I found some tempting Gacha’s which then led me onto the JKP shop and this rather interesting build.

I could have zoomed back just a little bit more as I’ve slightly cut off the platform on the right hand side but you get the general impression of this build.

I’m stood there to try to give you a bit of perspective of the size. There is a metal staircase which you can walk down to get to this area.

I didn’t spot this alley/corridor at first and it’s in the building at the back of the platform.

A couple of extra things are included such as this crane which does move when you click on it.

The big build is 60Lds and the smaller addons such as this crane are really low primmed.

You need to let your imagination go wild, build an urban farm in the middle of the ocean, put it in the sky and tether a space ship to it, go all steampunk/pirate etc or just use it for photos/backdrop or the occasional rezz for a little bit of RPing.

I decided to take a picture of where it is in the JKP shop as it’s a busy shop and easy to miss it and thats when I spotted it’s a free base for you to use with the Gacha prizes you may win from the machine next to it.

Naturally I gave the Gacha a try as it is only 40Lds and I rather liked the prizes and I won the very bottom right hand corner prize just if you’re wondering. I decided against more tries as I’d already won some items from this shop on the Kowloon sim and enough is enough lol.

There maybe more freebies in the JKP shop but RL is calling me so I’ve left my AV stood there and I can finish wandering around when I can log back inworld. BTW if you too love the Kowloon sim then some of the builds from that sim are for sale in this shop….byeeee for now.

JKP Village Shop

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Free Pizza Anyone?

Free gifts @ Lorien - Neve top Hitch @ Uber

Does it get any better? Free and pizza – two words that belong together! I was at the new Lorien store yesterday (so update your landmarks) and found a whole load of gifts on the right as you walk inside. Clothing, wearables, even furniture ! No group to join just pay the $1L and its yours – thanks Lorien!


Hitch top by Neve @ Uber (I still haven’t taken it off!)