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FREE to try and FREE to buy.(Freebie(ss)).

Finally a couple of freebies I think are blogworthy.

The top comes from the Ben’s Beauty & Boutique shop and there are other group gifts inc a brand new dres with what looks like a lovely satin almost metalic sheen to it, I was even tempted to pick up one of the pieces of jewelery and then decided against it as it wouldn’t match this top. This top comes with plenty of fits and a small hud of patterns.

I then needed some bottoms and after a quick rummage in my invent I found these previously blogged shorts from the Un!q shop. They’re still out for us as well as some other freebies for different groups.

PS The LM says “Stelzer” as thats the sign over the doorway but it is the Un!q shop.

Ben’s Beauty & Boutique.