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My New Friend – Dollarbie

Free man sitting 1Li

Apart from Zan (and she keeps me going with her daily chatty ramble notes!) I don’t really see anyone in SL much. So when I saw this I nabbed it and placed him on my bench in the garden. He is a 3d mesh person in a sitting pose and ohmydays just 1Li ! I’m off to visit the inworld store as I can see there are a lot more human meshes on offer. I’ve noticed that a lot of events now have these sort of things dotted around and it really does give the area a more populated feel – they always catch me out and I think they are real avatars !

Himiko 3D

3 thoughts on “My New Friend – Dollarbie”

  1. oh wow, that was a lot of fun instore xD thank you for bringing it to my attention! ❤


    1. Glad you liked it ! I popped to the store also and couldn’t resist the gacha machine ❤


  2. Don´t you dare mentioning the gacha machines! xD Shame on me, I fell again. My poor wallet!


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