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It’s “Fonzo’s Birthday”. (10Ld table & Hunt Info).

The cart sale outside of the “The Artist’s Shed” still isn’t up and running and it’s such a regular event so it’s a reminder to us that we don’t know whats going on with people in RL when they can’t do the regular things they do in SL… you know what I mean?

As always when I went into the The Artist’s Shed shop I ended up walking away with a little extra decor item and a couple of freebies which I’m not gonna show you. This table wasn’t free or a hunt item as it costs 10Lds.

At only 2 prims and a lovely weather worn look to it I’m pretty sure I can find a place for it on my sim.

There is from what I could see only one hunt going on in the shop and it’s because it’s “Fonzo’s Birthday”. What you’re looking for is a gift box and there is an easy hint for you to find it. BTW they have been blogged before but under the desk is some huggable corndogs which also make great decor items as well.

The hunt that is going on is a “Purple Sloth Productions” so I checked out their headquaters where I picked up a “Purple sloth hangy thing” which is a cute wearable although from a distance it does look as though I have a dead mouse dangling from my fingers lol. The headquaters are in the middle of a small shopping mall and although the shops do seemed to be very child themed in what they sell sometimes you can find a great decor/fun item in these places. I certainly will be checking them out when I log back in.

The Artist’s Shed.

Purple Sloth Productions.