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Midnight shopping spree.

I can’t sleep and it’s almost 3am there is nothing on TV and my Kindle needs to be recharged so that just leaves QVC or SLing.

My first visit was to the Siss Boom shop as I knew there is a sale going on. This hat is not in the sale and cost me 225LDs.

Yeah you can guess what I’m going to say next, I actually have a LOT of hats in my invent. Most really should have been trashed a long time ago but a few of them and now this one are so lovely and often were bought with the outfit they’re going to be teamed up with in mind. This one with it’s slightly oversized crown has a hint of steampunk but with the wicker weave and the fruit, flower and leaves on the side makes it very coutrified.

To find this you veer left as you go onto the shop then turn left into a room with “Bespoke” over the entrance. To find the sale items you have to use the TP as they’re at a different location.

Siss Boom.