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Not everything is a lemon. (Freebie(sss)).

Finally the MIIX Event and hunt has calmed down and in fact I was the only one there. So it was nice to be able to saunter and really check out the items for sale. As expected the things I liked wouldn’t fit me so I walked away with just a load of freebies, demos and LM’s as I will be visiting a few of the main shops who have stalls at this event.

OH NO! I’ve forgotten which stall I picked this one piece off, I will add an update when I manage to log back in as it’s only fair. You get matching shoes and a hud of colour options so pretty sweet.

The MIIX is just the right size of event, big enough to have a lot of variety of items and small enough to not over whelm you. What you’re looking for is a slice of lemon but a lot of stalls don’t have their gift in the lemon it’s just in a gift box on the stand.

I suspect I had rezzing issues as although it seemed to be fully rezzed I’m sure there was a lot missing which means I’ve missed a lot of the gifts so I will return.

MIIX Event & Hunt.