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It’s a drama Llama! (Freebie & 10Ld Gift).

Just look at that adorable face looking at me with love in his eyes, don’t we all need someone to look at us that way lol. Faith sent it to me as she knew I could do with a smile and I do adore animesh wearables.

So that means the freebie and cheapie are the clothes I’m wearing.

When I feel happy with my daily freebie/posts I love nothing better to old LM hop, or sim/shop wandering and it has been a long time since I’d check out the Entice shop and found the room with the group gifts, lucky boards and midnight mania.

The top is a “Third life” gift and you get plenty of fits inc my preffered SLink P so I was pleased with that. I may not keep it as I do have a lot of tops I will be keeping the shorts though.

The shorts are the Entice group gift. I just love the colour and normally studded items are not my fav but in this case I also love them. If I remember you do get a small hud of metal colours for those. Although at first glance you think spring summer team them up with a jumper and leggings thats autumn and winter sorted.