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A coupla small things. (Freebie(ss) & Lesson 101).

I’m creeping on Faith as she redoes her home.

I’ve found a couple of things in my invent one of which is this wearable “anti valentine heart”. Although Valentines is well and truly over you also a hud with a lot of different sayings such as “go away” which is the one I’m using. What I appreciate is that you maintain this pose as you walk because no one wants to either duck walk or that weird swaying walk from past times lol. There are other wearables such as a colourful bong and I’m sure I saw glasses etc really nice accessories and they’re all for free but if you join the VIP group there are many more wearables inc some bags that had me tempted till I remembered how many decor/backdrops I’ve bought just from the weekend events lol.

Freebies are just inside the door to your right and the paid for group gifts are to the left. I also noticed a TP at the back which takes you to the older items but it didn’t work for me.

Now for the 101 Lesson.

I use the Firestorm server to access second life which I love it and I’ve only just noticed that in the drop down menu when you click on items in your invent to rezz, delete,read etc you get the standard drop down menu and in the menu you get a “protect” option and thats exactly what it does. Click on it and it stops you from accidentally deleting an item, of course one click unprotects it so if at a later date you do want to delete it you can.

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