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Why I love S@bbia.(Freebies).

Just in case you forgot but the reason I love the S@bbia range is because I hand sew a lot. Don’t laugh at me but sewing machines scare me plus it’s hard to netflix and chill with the sound of a small airplane in your livingroom. So I get out my old sewing basket and just sit and sew stuff. One day I will up my game and sew something actually useful even wearable and I just know it will have that “homespun” look that I love with most but not all of the S@bbia range so make sure you check out the whole of the shop and if I remember correctly the Gacha’s are most reasonably priced.

Obviously this dress is the new gift and on my feet are the “old” gift. Fantastic shoes, quality loafers that do not have a “homespun” feel to them they’re so good they work with skirts, jeans, shorts etc.