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Sorted. (Free Shop Credit & Sale).

Once I’ve done my RL morning stuff I can get back into SL and have some SLing fun.

.The 2 signs/offers are for the free group and the discount group which costs 200Lds to join but obviously you get that back with the 200Ld gift card plus as you can see items for this group member are 15-50% discounted.

Then I spotted this.

Now that I’m looking at this picture I can see that the sale at least is on till the 14th so I will assume this is the same for the gift cards so yes this is a “HURRY” post. I know for sure I will have a lovely time finding something for the 100Ld gift card I’ve got and if I find something which makes sense to join the paid for group to get both the gift card and discount then I will.

Chez Moi.

2 thoughts on “Sorted. (Free Shop Credit & Sale).”

    1. Hi, welcome to the blog. If you scroll to past posts even if the pictures have gone you may still find the freebie inworld.


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