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Time to garden. (Freebie).

Now that the rain has finally stopped in RL I can pop out and do a small gardening job till then I’m so happy I can leave with this freebie.

A simple romper with a nice hud of 3 checked patterns and 6 plain colours. As always it’s the folds and creases that makes this one a good find.

There are 2 other group gifts as well, I recognise one of them but not too sure about the other so it maybe new.

Noooooo so I log in to LM grab, I find I make less errors that way, and spotted more gifts. On the table is a small gift box, buy it for 0Lds and inside is what looks like all the older group gifts. I recognise some of them when I relog in I will be cherry picking my way through all of them.

DM & No Cabide.