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More Poison. (30Ld Group Gift).

“What an elegant and classy shopping mall” I bet thats the first thing you will think when you TP to the Poison Rouge shop, or rather their landing LM.

You will find this dress right at the LM and it’s only 30Lds to join the Poison Rough group.

Just like the landscaping this dress is classy AF!

And yes I’m wearing earrings, not included, as for once when an outfit has screamed for accessories I went out of my way to pop a pair on.

When a shop has been landscaped/built looking so good it keeps you there. You find it so relaxing, you just wander in and around and in this case I think that all of the shops are actual the different Poison Rouge departments. So far I’ve just checked out the hat/accessories department and later when I log back in I will be checking the rest of the shop out.

PS. The dress looks more pinkie rather than the actual champange colour it is.

UPDATE: As of yet I’ve not found any other group gift I have however found this dress at it’s full price of 299Lds so again a quality dress for a bargain group price. I’m putting this update just in case you’d like to try a demo out first, so on landing at the shop head left towards or follow the sign to the building that holds the “fashion” items.

Poison Rouge.