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I need to show you something. (500Ld Gift Card for 25Ld).

This deck chair has absolutely nothing to do with the very generous 500Ld gift card that you can pick up from the AMUI shop, I just had to use a picture of something and I had been sitting on this chair to try to stop me from TPing to shops as I work through my invent.

AMUI often has a lovely offer out for us and this one is to celebrate Mothers Day. Join the group for only 25Lds and click the board and I think you select “deliver” or something from the menu and it’s sent to you and you just wear it then go shopping.

BUT although it says it’s non trans it actually is. Simply rezz it and then take it back into your invent and thats it, pass it on if you don’t need it.

PS. There is a summery dress as well for group members.