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Sparkle with me. (Freebie(ss)). LM fixed.

No special editing was needed to add all this bright sparkliness to my beach, it’s all down to that magical bright white cube.

I logged in to SL log out of RL and just TP’d here and there till I landed in the RE:ON shop which I think is aimed for more clubs/bars etc.

The walls are covered with different rezzers and you click on them to get the demo rezzing in the middle of the shop. I was very tempted by the fog one but in the end for only 35Lds picked up a big and lovely “bubble and water effect” which I think will look very interesting just placed a bit off shore on my side.

These aren’t the “rezzers” of the old days which just spat out spiders or emoji’s and who can’t forget the lovable flappy willies.

The ones in this shop billow, flow, sparkle, or zip around. This free one has a lovely mix of dots, and zippy bits as well as those hazy patches. Although the instructions are in Japanese it’s easy enough to understand, 2 basic huds one to turn it off and on and the other allows you to change the colours.

OK now for the “Pay attention” part as although there are some gifts in the main entrance to find this gifts and others you turn to the dark room to your right and thats where you will find the gifts on the back wall plus the ones for sale and its in the middle of the room that the demo’s rezz.

PS, I’ve only left the cube on the surface so you can see it as you’d normally just sink it under the surface.


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