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Stepping out. (Freebie(ss)).

In an attempt to stop being such a lard ass I’ve been trying to walk 10.000 steps a day so as soon as I click “publish” I’m off out. Till then a couple of freebies from a shop called Dreams.

The top is a nice fine mesh one, with a mere hint of boobs and a nice hud really good colours. The skirt is not really a good match for the top but I just wanted to show you it so picture that top and skirt with other items out of your invent.

I almost TP’d out of the Dream shop as I thought it was a mens wears shop and it was only because I noticed out of the corner of my eye some womens wear and a bunch of VIP gifts and gifts for other free groups.

BTW you will see a stand in the main entrance covered in balloon/gift boxes, ignore them sadly that generous offer is now over.

Dreams. (Turn left and the GG’s are on the wall).